Therapeuo, The Project

Tabitha’s Daughters, LLC introduces a new project for our organization entitled: “Therapeuo.” This is a Greek word that means: “heal, healing, healed.” In response to our Self-Care Retreat of 10/7/2022 in Monroe, North Carolina (pictures posted), this new project was identified and created.

Guest facilitator and therapist, Dr. Sharon Higginbothan (Higginbothan & Associates) joined in collaboration with Tabitha’s Daughters to create a therapeutic support group for women which offers healing, self-transformation, and mental health justice to those of us who are seeking empowerment and growth through support group therapy.

A Time of Healing & Restoration “Therapeuo is a gathering of women to offer support around emotional and mental well-being. The Therapeuo Project focuses on everything that keeps women from authentically embracing our inter-beauty, awareness, and good mental health for ourselves, our community, and the world.” Let the healing begin!

THE THERAPEUO PROJECT BEGINS: Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on

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